According to seismic hazard map of India, Bihar lies in Sesimic Zone III, IV and V i.e as having high earthquake vulnerability with potential to cause very high degree of devastation. Districts such as Araria, Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Supaul and Darbhanga lie in Zone V.More Info


Bihar is probably one of the worst flood affected state of India, accounting for nearly 73.06 % of the total geographical area and 76% of the total population reeling constantly under threat of flood. It accounts for about 17% of the flood prone area and 22% of the flood prone population in India. More Info


Bihar is definitely a disaster prone state. Like floods, drought is also recurring phenomena in state. The main reason for drought is monsoon onset and uneven distribution of rainfall, over most parts of Bihar including northern part which is prone to flood faces drought situations. More Info

About Inspection

Physical Verification to be done on Randomly Selected List through Mobile App by MBAs currently working in various Schemes at Various Levels.
Panchayat Level Officer
Block Level Officer
Sub-Division Level Officer
District Level Officer

Mobile App for Uploading Geo-Tagged Photograph of losses

Dashboard for Monitoring at different level of Officers including State Head Quarters

In case of major discrepancy Complete List of the Panchayat can be re-verified

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Earthquake in Bihar
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